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Here is all you need to lose all the weight you want to , and to make money once you reach your goals

 Basic info below…..READ IN FULL

Also... see attached meal plan for food choices.

For best results use the Bee Pollen Stack.

And for the other supplements mentioned, see link below to

(Take 1 Flame in the Am with 1-2 Original). Start with 1 original for a couple of days, then take 2 per day in AM.

IMPORTANT, must take with food, and have 8 oz glass of water. So you should take these right before eating breakfast.

Break should include 3 eggs and 3/4 cup of Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat. (see substitutions on attached) and a multi vitamin (Natures Fuel)

Lunch should consist of 5 oz of your choice of Protien, and at least 1/2 Cup of Rice or choice of carbs, and green veggies

(SUPPLEMENT) Take 1 Flame before dinner.

Dinner Should be 5 oz or more of Protien, and 1/2 cup of Carb of your choice. with Green veggies 

(If you do not like green veggies, you can get them at the web site mentioned below, 100% organic and 1 scoop has the value of 5-7 servings of greens, so you can actually do half a scoop and its 3 servings, and will last two months)

1 Hour before bed, BUT 2 hours after eating last meal take 2-4 Somnilean. If you forget to take them, you can right before bed. But if taken 1 hour before bed you will feel more relaxed from the Melatonin.

Now here is the MOST important thing I can tell you to achieve you goal, so this is VERY important.

Body fat is just stored energy, noting more....... So everyone goes about losing weight the wrong way. 

Everyone thinks you should run off the energy in the gym like a rodent on a wheel. WELL this is the BIGGEST misconception today, and its what the gyms feed off of.

To stick with the theme of body fat being stored energy, I must also tell you that as we age, we are lead to believe our metabolism slows down as we age......well that is a bunch of BS! Sorry doctors! 

Answer this question, what happens to food when you eat? 

Well it metabolizes! So each time you have a meal, you metabolize food. So if you eat small meals through out the day, your metabolism with be fast, if you eat 1 time a will have NO metabolism.

So if you have more than 4 hours in between meals, you then MUST have a snack. A good snack like a greek yogurt, and almonds.....or a protein shake and a maltodextrin carb powder. 

Most of us adults are SO BUSY we say I JUST DONT HAVE THE TIME, well that is just an have time to eat a greek yogurt, like Oikos Triple Zero. Or you put 1 scoop of Protien like (Forza Pro) and 1 scoop of Carb, like Carb Complex in a baggie, you bring that with you, and when you can not get to a meal, just add 10 oz of water, and there is your perfect meal. SEE NO EXCUSES ALLOWED.

You dont have to RUN the energy off, you need to stop storing energy. We all burn energy everyday, all day long to live. BUT what we do wrong, is skip a meal, like breakfast, if you skip breakfast every day, you will force your body to realize that every morning it has no source of energy other than body fat.....NOW YOU BODY WILL STORE BODY FAT LATER, when you do finally eat your meal. So eat something every few hours, and give your body the energy it needs, and you can LOSE WEIGHT every single day!!!

SECOND most important thing I can tell you is this.......WATER gets stored in fat cells. Yes, water is in all cells, and under your skin, we need water. 

BUT if you do not drink enough water daily, your body is forced to HOLD WATER, and you can hold up to 40 lbs or more of water.

So simply start drinking 1 gallon a day, and I PROMISE you will lose 10lbs of fat just from drinking more water.

The more you drink, the more you expel, the less you drink, the more you store, and its only stored in body fat!!!

There you go! I just gave you the trade secrets, that the competitors use to get to where they are.

When it comes to purchasing Protien, please do not go to Target, or walmart, or costco, you get what you pay for, and its loaded with sodium and sugar.


and order from there

Try Forza Pro Protein, and the Carb Complex. That can be your meal up to 3 times per day, but really should only be used 2 times a day. 

NOW with the Original Bee Pollen Stack, you may not feel like eating until 5 can let those supplements work for you, to eat less, and lose weight, but once you lose the desired weight, you then follow my program above. 

I PROMISE your going to do great! I am hear for you.

Take a before picture of your results, and send us an after picture after 3 months, and get 50% you next order, when you send along with a testimonial.

When you do not eat that much a multi vitamins are KEY, and do NOT use hard tablets, you ONLY get 33% of what is listed on the supplement if its a hard tablet, your body produces digestive enzymes to break it down, and you rill releases more enzymes, when you have a tablet than if you have a powder or liquid Multi.

My suggestion is to get Natures Fuel, the 100% organic and best multi available today, also you can get them at 

Use CODE "NGNBP" to get 10% off and FREE shipping on any order over $100.00

Any questions you can email me anytime at

Again see attached for more detailed meal info, and use www.muscle-bunnies to get protein, Carb Complex, and your multi.

Let me know what else I can do to help! We are here to help you whenever you need to, and to learn how to help others, while making money, please email me if interested. All you do is share your story when you lose weight with others, and I can make a code for you to give out, and for all the orders you send to me, you will get either credit, or paid….your choice!!!!

To download the Meal Plan sheet that includes all the info you need, click the link below (pdf)